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My blogging as a photographer…adventure??

Hi, Hello, Hola!!

Here’s my blog. Cool so far? Probably not. Don’t be surprised, I’ve been hesitating like crazy to start writing blogs. Why do you say? To get right to the point I hate writing. This is not my strong suit, my brain hurts trying to articulate and post anything interesting with my words. I’ve always been a visual person, hence the photography. When it comes to writing a blog, I tend to really suck I think.

So why do it? Well, it’s the industry. Now a days for people to find you is different from the OLD days, like the yellow pages. If you’re old enough to remember what that was. Some traditional advertising is still around of course, which for is not always a solid investment for photographers to find couples looking for their services. There’s so many variables to this business these days, there’s no silver bullet to marketing, and it changes all the time.

Example, you remember back in the day, when commercials were only seen on TV. Now you can’t avoid them anywhere, regardless of whatever social media platform you’re using. It’s understandable, businesses are trying to reach you because you’re shifting your focus somewhere else, and there are so many areas to get your attention.

Blogging is one of those platforms, if you click on an article that is relative, and somewhat interesting, bonus points for who ever put it up. This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you’re looking for something really specific, Google will try to match you to the best of its ability to what you’re looking for. That said, if you’re looking for a wedding, high school senior, portrait photographer, the match your specific search, that’s where I hope to reach more couples that are looking for a photographer such as myself.

I’m not trying to reach everyone. There’s a fit for people looking for what I do and offer, and who I am. I hope to find them, because believe it or not, there is a chemistry with the people I work with that makes the photography great from depending on your point of view. Dating is pretty much as good as an example as you can get. Say you’re a pretty melo person and live a calm lifestyle. You meet someone that is undeniably attractive and physically you’re type in every single way. Great right? Except you realize this individual is a thrill seeker. Not necessarily a red flag, but you might be that person with extreme hesitation to skydiving. Give it a try maybe, but if suddenly if the topic of swimming with the SHARKS comes up, you realize you have to call it quits. The fit is not just what you see, it’s a question of personality and values that may fit with each other.

I don’t disclose much about myself on social media, it’s not how I roll. I prefer meeting people face to face, or talking over the phone. There’s a lot that can be felt by actual conversation. Photography? There’s a lot you can feel and there will be more for you to see from my work as time goes by.

For now, blogging will be a slow process for me but if you’re willing to stick around and find out more of what I do? I am glad you’re here.

You can also follow what I do through these other sites. If you feel like chiming in, I'd love to here from you. Thanks so much.

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