Investment - Chicago Wedding Photographer | Photography by Christian Yah

Your Investment

So rates for clients start at a collection of $1900. They’ll be various packages to fit what your looking for. Although it’s not just what I can offer you, but what I really want to do for you.  I take pride in the hard work I put out for my clients, along with creativity and consideration. It is what I strive for.

Think of it this way. When you finally get to that point of saying, “OK, we’ve got our date, let’s start planning”. Where do you start? What do you think about first? I know there’s so many guides out there, but even that becomes overwhelming at some point. Friends you have with experience on their own wedding, have their opinion on the matter, and it might not match what you have in mind. So what really matters? It’s YOU.

Obviously planning helps you with a lot kaos that comes with a wedding, but even better, is the  support you have right behind you.

So let’s get together to talk about what a timeline could be. This is just coffee and conversation, that’s all. You’ll get an idea of how a wedding day is laid out from a photographer’s point of view and you’ll come out of it with probably a much better perspective. Then you adjust as needed to make it work for you. No strings attached. On top of that, you’ll see who I am. It’ll be our first date, because if you can’t stand me within the first 10 min, how are you going to put up with me for the next 10 hours of your wedding.

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