Fun times with wedding photography

It's not just about the pictures looking good, you can have fun with it.

Excited groom groomsmen ring

In several  cases, not all, guys just don’t get into the wedding planning. They’ve been invited of course, especially if your marrying them. The build up to the day is not quite the same as the one preparing for the wedding. When it comes to the ladies or who's ever planning, that can be exhausting.

The one thing to look forward to though is the hilarious photography you can get out of it. Speaking as guy, it gives us a little more motivation to make things happen for the day. The bride may want that great full dress shot, but telling the groom he wear an undershirt with a Superman logo for the day could bring that little kid inside with excitement. Shouldn't exclude anyone else from bring fun to the fiesta. I know I saw a bride somewhere put on a T-Rex costume for the first look. Seriously, it's just hilarious and FUN, FUN, FUN!

It’s all dependent on the group of course. There are more conservative people than others. Although, if fun is what you're into, then go with it. You can look up some images for inspiration, I wouldn't get hung up on an idea though. The spontaneous moments of the situation can bring up all sorts of fun. It's easier to bring something funny all of a sudden, then to really prepare a joke in your head and bomb. Go with the flow.

This is a great way to make the day that much more memorable to a special occasion.

Funny bride groom ring bearer waiting for train