Chicago engagement photography tips


Time to shoot the couple to be married. That’s you! Crazy right? This is where it all starts. So let’s start off in a good direction.

More than likely this is your first time having a photoshoot with your loved one. What should  you do? Have fun!! This would be the first and foremost item on your list. This isn’t for the school year book. This can be as laid back, fun or even as romantic as you want it to be. This you and your honeybun, cupcake, or whatever nickname you like to give each other. Being yourselves only tells people, what you saw in each other, and it’s a great thing to see coming from my point of view. You can feel how much these two love each other. I get show what I saw.

Building on top of fun, is feeling that way when you are getting dressed for your shoot. Wear what make you feel good. You know, that awesome dress, fantastic blazer, or the pair jeans that shows how cool you look, yes that one. It build up your confidence in front of the camera and you might actually feel like a model. However there are things you should keep in mind for the shoot. Hopefully it doesn’t take away from your wardrobe.

Weather, because baby it might be cold outside. Smiling and chattering you teeth don’t blend well. It could also be hot. Being comfortable keeps you in the moment and focused on him or her. You don’t necessarily have to tough it out to look good.

Color. Now you can where what you want, but if your session is at night, black against a dark background probably won’t come out as you expect. White sometime can even blind your partner from the beaming sun bouncing of them. A good rule of thumb is contrasting with your environment. So if your in the fall, orange colors may not help you pop, instead blend  in. Ask us, we can give you some good things to think about.

Patterns? Not to much of a fan personally. It is kind of distracting. Like bring a checkerboard pattern shirt where you focus more on the item of clothing then the people in the photo. If  the patterns are not to obvious and blend evenly in tone, like a blue and light blue, then you’d probably be safe. You can even take a quick snapshot of yourself to look and see if you like what you see.

Aside from clothing, props are ok to bring but not a requirement. Something like a banner displaying the day of the wedding or balloon even. It’s a cute idea.

Now let’s talk locations, location, locations. There’s many spots in and around the Chicago  area that are great for shoots. Do take in consideration the time of year you're photographing as color changes with each season. Unfortunately there are circumstances you would need to get a permit for photographing at certain areas, mostly enclosed ones so double check the information to make sure your not arriving unprepared. There's a lot of places to go, so maybe this shortcut can help you out for spots around the area.

The only thing left to do is love, have fun, and enjoy the moment.