About Me

Photography is more than my career. It’s about capturing emotions and immortalizing the moments you share with loved ones. It’s taking your vision and turning it into a work of art.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Christian Yah, wedding photographer, husband, and father of two beautiful daughters. Based out of Park Ridge, Illinois, I also serve Chicago and the surrounding areas.

I have always been driven by the creative and studied illustration at the American Academy of Art in Chicago.

My interest in different mediums of expression evolved and I discovered photography. It's incredible to see how my journey in the arts intertwines with my work today.

Illustration laid the groundwork for composition, a sense of color and light, and observing the human form. From there I was lead to graphic design and now utilize those skills when displaying my art into the albums I present.

While photography started as a reference for my illustration, it has turned into the love I have for it today.

The challenge to produce art that's impactful drives me to learn more. "How can I take this image further?" This question always has me looking for a fresh angle or interesting perspective!

The connections I have with my clients move me to think on the spot and draw out more creativity. Not only am I telling your story, I am creating art you will cherish for a lifetime.

Each wedding is unique and I thrive off the differences. I want your day to go with the thought that, "not only am I bringing a professional who loves his work, I am bringing a friend to celebrate my day." There’s nothing I won’t do to get 'The Shot'… the one you’ll look back on for years to come and be instantly reminded of all the love that surrounded you that day.

I truly care about the images we create, but more importantly I care about you. During our time together, I will always want to make sure you're having a good time and the day is running smoothly.

Each couple has their own style, which is why the experience I provide is tailored to you. I'll draw from your personality to create something unique and bring life to your vision. It's an honor to be invited into such a special moment in your life. Let me take care of preserving these memories for a lifetime.